Delmon Young Arrested for Alleged Anti-Semitic Tirade

Delmon Young was arrested outside of a midtown hotel early friday morning around 2:40 am, sources say that Young was so intoxicated and making Racist threats to another man who was walking along the streets, Young was shouting you F**king Muslims you F**king Muslims go Back to your own country and get the hell out of our’s you Motha F**kers.

Well if you know Young you know he has a temper that has got him into trouble before out on the field before, Young was taken in to detox to cool off for a bit before his Arraignment in the morning in the north precinct stationhouse.

Young is hitting wonderful home runs to knock the Yankees out of the  playoffs, but as for his temper out in the field that is all everyone is starting to know him by,the anger is getting the best of him after being suspended 50 times for a run in with the umpire in 06″.

after being called out after his strikes which no one would like,LOL He refused to leave the Batters box-,and once he finally did, he turned and threw that bat as hard as he could at the umpire.

The Yankees and Tigers play in the Bronx at 7 p.m. Friday. Young’s availability for the series is unknown.

The Yankees and the Tigers play in the Bronx 7pm Friday, Young’s Availability for the series is unkown..


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