‘Jerseylicious’ star Tracy DiMarco Trashes ‘Jersey Shore’: ‘Jersey doesn’t want them!’


New Jersey’s Queen of drama say’s I want “Jersey Shore” the hell out! there trash to me.

We already know the fourth season of jersey shore has already filmed in Italy,so we wanted to follow DiMarco and find out about her thoughts on the cast member’s of “Jersey Shore”

DiMarco who talked so much trash but was able to find her way into the hearts of all us over the past two seasons of this hit style reality show.

This Diva hold no bar when asked about the crew of “Jersey Shore” and her thought’s of the so called Situation.

I real cool with Pauly D ( Pauly D Delvecchio ) so I admit I so watch it once in a great while,LOL. But Im not the biggest fan at all, you can count on that, Its to damm Trashy!

Diva DiMarco was the fastest to Quote “there a bunch of trash bags” Ewww, except for Pauly D and Deena whom I have Known for years.

As it goes for Italy Huh,they would never ever want them back again,,I mean who would? trash like that,and Jersey does not want them either.

I so think that Jersey is so freaking amazing “she giggles” people know that we are genuine and not full of bulls**t, I mean were different and we don’t give a flying f**k what other’s think about how we talk or dress or whatever,or even how we walk,LOL.

I think people actually envy us on how much confidence we actually have, compared to other people in other cities..

So… remember that time DiMarco spit in co-star/worker Olivia Sharpe‘s face? Well, look forward to even more cat fights when Season 3 of “Jerseylicious” returns. DiMarco gave us some great dirt on what to expect, which we will share with you all very soon.



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