To Be Vegan Or Not To Be:And The Benefits You Reap…

To Be Vegan Or Not To Be:And The Benefits You Reap….


Octomom to Star in Masturbation Video?

Octomom Nadya Suleman says” she would never in a million years, have anything to do with porn, to pay the bills….But a newly released video of her completing a Solo could be in the works.

Desperate times ,calls for desperate measures!

Nadya says she is determined to make a better life for her 14 kids, even after recent reports of neglect from CPS. nadya is willing to star in porn as long as she is not touching another humans body parts: We could not understand that at all…


Nadya Says” 

I would not even kiss somebody for money,so you know I wouldn’t touch anyone either,Why are all of you making such a big deal out of this anyway? Im not a whore like the one’s you see out on the street, who have sex for money or for drugs.

Just herself,Reports are out, that she has already hooked up with an online adult entertainment company, who will shoot a masterbation video this summer.

As in how much money she will be making for this video, or if she will sign any contracts? that is unclear at the moment.

Nadya Says” I will be having to make some difficult desicions this year,I have to do  whats best for my children and I need a fresh start..

Meghan McCain Explodes on Greta Van Susteren for inviting Lindsey Lohan to White House Dinner Invite

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Meghan McCain Explodes on Fox news” Anchor Greta Van Susteren over twitter conversations, for inviting the pop-star to the White House Correspondents Association Dinner.

sources say: it was a hate on  A La Rosie O’Donnell.

Meghan McCain, Tweeted, “Greta Van Susteren” is only, bringing Lindsey Lohan, to the WHC Dinner, just to piss off Louie CK?”

Some time in march, “Greta Van Susteren” was fuming about the comedians rude statements concerning women.I dont think so, You Dirty Pig,”She Wrote!!.

I think he uses the most filthy, and most Disgusting, language ever toward women,”he should he hung by his: D**k.

Meghan McCain apparently is not affended by any means…Except by Greta, McCain’s Daughter is not Loca for Lindsey Lohan, Coming to the WHC Dinner,,”Im Coming anyways Damm it””,Replies McCain.

Just hope they dont seat her with Greta or Lilo,LOL…


4/28/2012  April                                 Giuliana and Bill 

Giuliana and Bill, whose struggles to conceive a baby are all
well documented,all the methodes failed uncluded are IVF treatments,there was also storys of miscarriges,Giuliana appeared on the Monday’s Today show to eleborate more the details behind the pregnancy. When asked if they knew the sex of there unborn child, Giuliana an Bill looked at each other and gave each other a snicker, then replied: yes we do know but we are not going to let anyone know yet, we are going to keep that part a surprise?

Says Giuliana:

Me and Bill received so much support from close friends family and even from our fans from around the world, we would love to take
this opportunity to thanks every one of them whos has been by our side.”It just seems like it took forever,but it was the best moments of my life, and when we finally got that one phone call from the doctor that was the call that changed the rest of my life, it was just another level of thinking to me.I only knew that life was very precious and something that is not for taking for granted, I love my husband with all my heart he has been there for me for eveything and I will always be there for him as well,thanks Bill I love you.



     As you can tell- from the photo’s above, Giuliana and Bill are like, quote on quote                  two love birds.

Jwoww And Snooki’s New Show..


OMG the first trailer for Jwoow and Snook’s is finally Here,and you know all this crazy talk about the big Prego,is all for real.

In this short two-minute preview for the “Jersey Shore” spinoff, which premieres Thursday, June 21 at 10 p.m. ET, the MTV reality TV stars declare their love for each other — “Jenni is my best friend” and “[Snooki] can lift my spirit at the drop of a hat” — and decide to move in together. They “opt” for Jersey City to “look” for apartments — though this seems to be staged since fans know what went into finding a location for this long awaited-spinoff.

the funny thing is when they do find a decent place to call a home,Snooki lay’s the biggest download on Jwoow and tell’s her that she is pregnant….and engaged.

What the hell Jwoow relied,How did this happen,,LOL,..Sex Snooker’s calmly replies..Honestly girl please believe me I did not even know if I did I would not have waited so long to tell you? I didn’t even know I could make a baby, me being a girl and all,so the fast that I could reproduce like most women can is I guess pretty scary,,Huh.

We can always count on snooki to say what she is thinking?

‘Jerseylicious’ star Tracy DiMarco Trashes ‘Jersey Shore’: ‘Jersey doesn’t want them!’


New Jersey’s Queen of drama say’s I want “Jersey Shore” the hell out! there trash to me.

We already know the fourth season of jersey shore has already filmed in Italy,so we wanted to follow DiMarco and find out about her thoughts on the cast member’s of “Jersey Shore”

DiMarco who talked so much trash but was able to find her way into the hearts of all us over the past two seasons of this hit style reality show.

This Diva hold no bar when asked about the crew of “Jersey Shore” and her thought’s of the so called Situation.

I real cool with Pauly D ( Pauly D Delvecchio ) so I admit I so watch it once in a great while,LOL. But Im not the biggest fan at all, you can count on that, Its to damm Trashy!

Diva DiMarco was the fastest to Quote “there a bunch of trash bags” Ewww, except for Pauly D and Deena whom I have Known for years.

As it goes for Italy Huh,they would never ever want them back again,,I mean who would? trash like that,and Jersey does not want them either.

I so think that Jersey is so freaking amazing “she giggles” people know that we are genuine and not full of bulls**t, I mean were different and we don’t give a flying f**k what other’s think about how we talk or dress or whatever,or even how we walk,LOL.

I think people actually envy us on how much confidence we actually have, compared to other people in other cities..

So… remember that time DiMarco spit in co-star/worker Olivia Sharpe‘s face? Well, look forward to even more cat fights when Season 3 of “Jerseylicious” returns. DiMarco gave us some great dirt on what to expect, which we will share with you all very soon.

Mitt Romney Rapping Please Stand Up,, Eminem

April 27th, 2012

Mitt Romney. Eminem. We never thought those two people would be used in the same THG headline, but one epic music video parody has united them at last.

This amazing mash-up of Mitt Romney quotes and Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady” takes dead aim at the presidential candidate’s flip-flopping reputation.

President Barack Obama and Mitt’s all-but-dispatched GOP rival, Newt Gingrich, also make cameos in “The Real Mitt Romney,” which is a must-see …

Oxford student Hugh Atkin created the video, combining the Republican candidate’s soundbites and the hit song from the rapper’s 2001 Marshall Mathers LP.

Obama begins the video in much the same way as Em begins his track: “May I have your attention please. Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up?”

“Y’all act like you haven’t seen a Mormon before… I’m not concerned with the poor,” Mitt says in spliced-together clips from various campaign speeches.

As for that catchy chorus, Romney raps, “I’m Mitt Romney and I’m the real Romney … All the other Mitt Romneys are just masturbating.” Obviously.

In other mashup news, check out Obama singing “Sexy and I Know It”

Delmon Young Arrested for Alleged Anti-Semitic Tirade

Delmon Young was arrested outside of a midtown hotel early friday morning around 2:40 am, sources say that Young was so intoxicated and making Racist threats to another man who was walking along the streets, Young was shouting you F**king Muslims you F**king Muslims go Back to your own country and get the hell out of our’s you Motha F**kers.

Well if you know Young you know he has a temper that has got him into trouble before out on the field before, Young was taken in to detox to cool off for a bit before his Arraignment in the morning in the north precinct stationhouse.

Young is hitting wonderful home runs to knock the Yankees out of the  playoffs, but as for his temper out in the field that is all everyone is starting to know him by,the anger is getting the best of him after being suspended 50 times for a run in with the umpire in 06″.

after being called out after his strikes which no one would like,LOL He refused to leave the Batters box-,and once he finally did, he turned and threw that bat as hard as he could at the umpire.

The Yankees and Tigers play in the Bronx at 7 p.m. Friday. Young’s availability for the series is unknown.

The Yankees and the Tigers play in the Bronx 7pm Friday, Young’s Availability for the series is unkown..