4/28/2012  April                                 Giuliana and Bill 

Giuliana and Bill, whose struggles to conceive a baby are all
well documented,all the methodes failed uncluded are IVF treatments,there was also storys of miscarriges,Giuliana appeared on the Monday’s Today show to eleborate more the details behind the pregnancy. When asked if they knew the sex of there unborn child, Giuliana an Bill looked at each other and gave each other a snicker, then replied: yes we do know but we are not going to let anyone know yet, we are going to keep that part a surprise?

Says Giuliana:

Me and Bill received so much support from close friends family and even from our fans from around the world, we would love to take
this opportunity to thanks every one of them whos has been by our side.”It just seems like it took forever,but it was the best moments of my life, and when we finally got that one phone call from the doctor that was the call that changed the rest of my life, it was just another level of thinking to me.I only knew that life was very precious and something that is not for taking for granted, I love my husband with all my heart he has been there for me for eveything and I will always be there for him as well,thanks Bill I love you.



     As you can tell- from the photo’s above, Giuliana and Bill are like, quote on quote                  two love birds.


Jersey Shore’s Snooki Denies Baby Rumors – UPDATE


Jersey Shore star Snooki—aka Nicole Polizzi – is reportedly expecting her first child with boyfriend Jionni LaValle according to Star magazine.She denies the story, however. saying that with her recent weight loss a pregnancy wouldn’t make sense.The British tabloid Daily Mail recounts the details of the story and says ‘she is pregnant and has only told her closest friends and some family’ and has been teasing friends with word of a “big announcement.”

She’s also been complaining of not feeling well in recent weeks on her Twitter account where she has posted about her late night craving, yogurt. “Hits the fricken spot” she tweeted. But it could be that the pint-sized reality star may be about to announce her mos’I feel sick,’ she wrote.

And, she told Jay Leno a month ago that she would like to start a family and settle down with with LaValle. ‘I live my life crazy partying whatever, but I’m ready to settle down and have a little baby,” she said on the show.

She said LaValle has a 2 year deadline to propose.