Whooping Cough Epidemic: why are parents refusing to vaccinate there children!

Spokane,WA the whooping cough epidemic has hit washington state hard, and is on track to be the biggest outbreak in 60 years.

Washington state has already seen 1,008 cases of it this year compared to only 111 cases last year.

“So why is there an argument, on who and what age is appropriate for vaccinations, one mother sat back and watched her 4 month old baby almost die, “mother says” as I watched my baby hooked up to oxygen, and being fed through tubes and then almost loosing, her life because I was against immunizing, was a wake up call ¬†for me, no baby or child should have to go through any of this! or even face death because the parents have there own issues on vaccinations…

The decision of whether or not to vaccinate is a personal choice, and it’s a very passionate debate that isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. Unfortunately, however, neither are these kinds of diseases if people keep fighting the vaccines.

Do you think that the risks are higher with diseases like whooping cough, or with the vaccines?

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