Meghan McCain Explodes on Greta Van Susteren for inviting Lindsey Lohan to White House Dinner Invite

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Meghan McCain Explodes on Fox news” Anchor Greta Van Susteren over twitter conversations, for inviting the pop-star to the White House Correspondents Association Dinner.

sources say: it was a hate on  A La Rosie O’Donnell.

Meghan McCain, Tweeted, “Greta Van Susteren” is only, bringing Lindsey Lohan, to the WHC Dinner, just to piss off Louie CK?”

Some time in march, “Greta Van Susteren” was fuming about the comedians rude statements concerning women.I dont think so, You Dirty Pig,”She Wrote!!.

I think he uses the most filthy, and most Disgusting, language ever toward women,”he should he hung by his: D**k.

Meghan McCain apparently is not affended by any means…Except by Greta, McCain’s Daughter is not Loca for Lindsey Lohan, Coming to the WHC Dinner,,”Im Coming anyways Damm it””,Replies McCain.

Just hope they dont seat her with Greta or Lilo,LOL…


Tamera Mowry Pregnant

Tamera Mowry shared some very special news with fans today: She and husband Adam Housley are expecting their first baby! Read on to find out how she broke the news to her twin.
In an interview with Tamera was so excited about being pregnant she quoted that she was in the whatever happens mode? Tamera was really getting to the details mentioning how she was expecting her period and how she skipped two days and finally decided to take a pregnancy test, when she finally decided to break this wonderful news to Adam, I can remember his response was ohh cool?? LOL,,you think a new dad to be would be falling over with tears of joy expecting there first baby.If asked if she wanted a boy or girl sadly Tamera did not have an open mind she wanted a boy,since she has two brothers? and she helped out so much with raising them but would not know how to raise a daughter! well I just hope it is not a I guess Adams Father did not play with diapers and had no part in helping dear ole ma change them,Tamera said that will be much different here in my home you better believe that Adam will be helping me with changing, I mean come on it’s his child why would he have to be afraid of touching a dirty diaper. When it comes to travel we cant wait to take the little one along everywhere we go,we hope he doesn’t get Jetlag! LOL, you know some people get so used to one way of thinking and living but I think that if we take our little guy along that will break that cycle right then and there, Tamera quoted that most people think were all different?? but actually when we travel we soon realize we are all the same? HUH,..When asked what kind of mother she thought she would be later on in life,Tamera said well my mother was real strict with me and I just dont want to be that way with my child,,and I cant be to spoiling to him either,did I say him? remember it cant be a girl,LOL anyways I cant spoil the baby to much,can you spoil a baby to much” (FYI) NO,,,I will probably naturally do that anyways like I did with my Brother’s, you know I naturally cry at everything”ahh ok..I hope I will be a great and loving mother..
Congratulations Tamera..